Aerial Town Car & Limousine - Get To A Show With Class!





Transportation just wont feel the same again after a ride with this service!




Aerial Town Car & Limousine LLC will provide "dedicated, personal service [to give customers an] unforgettable [ride]." When I read their business plan, I was quite impressed with many of its aspects. For example, all chauffeurs will "open and shut the door for customer(s)" - chivalry still exists! Bottled water and coffee is provided upon request which is also a nice touch. According to their Facebook user reviews, the vehicles are extremely clean and comfortable, and each employee withholds a professional manner (which is all you can ask for with such a service).


They offer transportation for every situation - from rides to the airport to nights out in the city in not only limousines but also private black cars and SUVs. Booking is made simple through their website or with the contact info (email, cell phone number) provided directly on their site.


Another thing that impressed me about this service was the level of monitoring it offers for the customer - flight timestraffic patterns, and weather are all closely observed to estimate any early arrivals or delays the customer might face. This minimizes wait time which is so important in the fast faced world we all live in today.


In speaking with owner, Mikhail Zvonarev, I learned that Aerial has chauffeured the likes of Carly Fiorina, Adam Sandler, and (you're going to like this one) Tijs Michiel Verwest!! ... wait, who??) ...well he's better known to us as the-one-and-only Tiësto!! If this service is good enough for "The Father of Modern Day EDM," then it's good enough for me!


So, the next time you're in the Boston area and are looking for a ride to a show, or just a time out in the city, may I highly recommend that you close the Uber app for a night and call up Aerial Town Car & Limousine! You wont be disappointed you did.